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Viking Symbols and Their Meaning

Viking symbols actually plays an essential role when it comes to iconography like other societies. The symbols are cultural, which actually is a sign conveying layers of meaning about the culture. The pagan vikings actually uses symbols in order to represent their myths, gods and beliefs.

Cultural symbols also take in various forms like gestures, sounds, words, pictures and images. Most of these symbols have been carved on axes, swords, runestones and other items that Norse people consider precious to them. Sagas in fact refers to the amulets on which people wore such as the Mjolnir, which in fact is popularly known to as Thor’s hammer. The vikings actually loved to decorate items that are around them even their combs, tools and bowls. They use such symbols for bone carving, decorative arts and jewelry.

Though there are actually some viking symbols which remains mysterious on what they represent, but some of them are able to give clear meanings. There actually are some vikings who have Thor’s hammer on thongs that are actually placed around their necks. Valuable weapons and runestones are mostly engraved with symbols resonating most with vikings like the Valknut, the helm of Awe and the Thor’s hammer.

The Valknut Viking Symbol

In the Valknut symbol, you could see three interlocking triangles which represents Hrungnir’s heart or perhaps the heart of the slain. Hrungnir is actually a legendary giant that is in fact discussed in Snorri Sturluson’s Eddas. The Valknut is considered as the afterlife. The nine points present on the three triangles symbolizes on the nine worlds of the vikings. Valknut is also the representative of Odin, which is known to be the father God of the vikings and has the power of life over death. This mostly is being carved on memorial runestones as well as on funerary steles.

Helm of Awe

This kind of symbol was in fact usually being used in magic in order to induce delusion or forgetfulness. Another would be senior, which is a special kind of magic that is used in creating illusions or to prevent people to see things as they are. This kind of symbol is used in hiding someone from their pursuers. The Helm of Awe can be engraved to a goatskin that is then thrown over the head of a fugitive.

Thor’s Hammer

Mjolnir has the meaning of lightning and Thor’s hammer has the meaning of god’s power over thunder and lightning as well. This is a magic weapon that always goes back to Thor when he will throw it. It was in fact very common and popular to wear Thor’s hammer as an amulet because this provides them with protection and was popular on pagan Viking symbols.

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